Legal Action

Subject: Pending Legal Action and Formal Disassociation with the promoters of Sudan Gold Coin (ICO) and Mr. Dmytro Konoval, Mr. Eugene Romanenko, et al.

We would like to inform everyone visiting this website that Netarc AG, a Corporation registered at Aegeristrasse 5, 6300 Zug, Switzerland, including all its officers, directors and advisors through its lawyers are pursuing legal action using law enforcement authorities in various jurisdictions (Sudan, Ukraine, US, Switzerland & San Marino) against the promoters of SGC (Sudan Gold Coin and its Initial Coin Offering), especially Mr. Konoval, Mr. Romanenko and their associates due to false representation and public defamation. As part of these proceedings, NetArc AG, has decided to shutdown this website and stop promoting or representing this ICO and their promoters.

Please be forewarned that the current promoters of Sudan Gold Coin ( does not have any legal association with the Sudanese Government and its various ministries, nor the Swiss Financial Regulatory Authorities nor Netarc AG, the company and its advisors, that was initially helping pursue AML/KYC and regulatory compliance in Sudan and Switzerland. This was triggered due to revelations of conduct of a fraudulent scheme to raise and misuse funds using an ICO and further pursuant of unethical behaviors by its promoters (Mr. Konoval, Mr. Romanenko, et al.), that forced us to formally disassociate and pursue legal action against its current promoters.

NetArc AG will continue to pursue all the necessary legal and regulatory approvals for another project independently and will directly update our friends and investors about the progress of their mining project in Sudan including our contractual and formal collaboration with the Sudanese Government and the Swiss Authorities.

If you need any further information about NetArc AG please feel free to contact us directly at

Signed & Dated:
Mr. Dmytro Shuval (CEO), Mr. Wilhelm Gudelov (Director)

January 15th 2019